Local business woman shines above the rest!

For a few years I have battled skin problems on my face.  Having had that kind of skin that is often complimented, it was extremely devastating!  Maybe this sounds vain or unimportant, but the dry itchy rash like areas on my cheeks and chin were not only uncomfortable to look at after years of youthful skin, but also painful a lot of the time.  I have been to every esthetician I could find from here to Houston and even a few spas in Louisiana and Mexico!  People who promised great results and products actually caused my skin to get worse.   I felt like they were just trying to sell products, and in the end the products were all wrong and caused a lot more irritation. So last year a friend of mine gave me a gift certificate to a place called Sassy Sheree!  Business owner, Sheree Boegner, literally changed my life. I was self conscious, in pain or itchy all the time, sad and depressed that as I turned 34 I no longer has smooth soft skin and that I was going to live with this “rash” for years.
When I walked into Sheree’s Downtown Bryan location at the Haswell House, the first thing I noticed was the comfortable looking chair! I thought, hmmm maybe I will get a nap!  The second thing I noticed was the forms she had me fill out were more detailed than anywhere with important questions to give her a great idea of your needs. I started thinking could it be?  She wants to heal me?  Not just a relaxing facial?  She started asking me questions, thorough important questions! She didn’t rush me or make me feel like I was losing valuable minutes of my appointment by talking to her.  She lit up as I explained I had been dealing with a lot in these last few years, pregnancies to Fibromyalgia to exhaustion!  She said I can help you!  We can fix this! What?  Someone wants to fix my skin issues!?  Actually figure out the problem and fix it?  Wow!!  When she got started I realized this is not some let me put some lotion on your face facial!  This was the real thing!  She explained what she was doing as she went. She offered a kit to use a few days at home and she figured out the problem!  You have an inactive skin layer Kristi!  What?  How could that be?  No doctors or esthetician has every figured that out! So I honestly thought, man my skin looks great, but will it be back to it’s old self before long?  Well I’m proud to say, Sheree you rock!!  A week and a half later my skin is still smooth, soft, gorgeous and feels so good!  No itchy dry skin!  She didn’t try to push a bunch of stuff on me, she paid attention to detail and she saved the day!
Sheree Boegner I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving my self esteem back. My face feels fantastic and it’s because of you!  And she said “Hey we’re just getting started! “More to come!  Check her out at www.sassysheree.com!  Or call 979.255.7388.


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