QR Codes – what are they?

If you haven’t noticed, these little black and white images have been popping up everywhere!  The most recent place I’ve seen them are at Best Buy and on the back of a medicine bottle! A medicine bottle?! Being curious, I got my phone with a QR scanner and scanned the code. It took me to a website where it gives you more information on side effects, customer reviews, etc. Pretty neat stuff, right?

In order to use this latest and greatest technology, we’ve begun attaching these codes to our listings, advertisements, flyers, websites, etc. to help potential buyers get the information they need.

There are numerous apps that are capable of scanning these QR codes. The one I like the best is called ScanMee. It’s super easy and takes you straight to the site without having to tell it to.

With all that said, download the FREE app and see where this code takes you!


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